Student Welfare

Whether you're a student, intern, visitor, or any other member of our community here at OIST, we -- as student council officers and as friends -- want to make sure you have access to resources that help you succeed. Research and curricular studies can be stressful at times; it's always to okay to ask for a helping hand when you need it.

Clubs and Recreation

Regardless of what type of science we study, we're all individuals whose life outside of work is just as important as what we do in the lab. We have a wonderful group of friends in Recreation Services who help organize all kinds of activities on campus, including fitness classes, cultural events, and music lessons.

We also have a plethora of student-led clubs, covering topics randing from martial arts, to crafts, to tabletop games. Not all clubs are advertised (or up to date) on the webpage, so don't be afraid to ask friends (or strangers) about any clubs you might like to join!

Addressing Workplace Concerns

If you have witnessed or experienced harassment or other unethical behavior in the workplace, you have many (confidential) friends on campus who are willing to listen and help you decide the next steps.

For more information on these resources, as well as how to report such behavior, see Workplace Concerns.

Peer Supporters

The Student Peer Support Program is a Student Council – Ganjuu initiative that was developed in recognition of the essential role that students play in supporting and encouraging each other on a day-to-day basis. It consists of a team of many lovely student volunteers who have gone through training with Ganjuu and who you can go to for emotional and social support.

For more information, see Peer Supporters.

External Wellbeing Resources

If you are looking to go to an external clinic or doctor but aren't sure where to start, Ganjuu has compiled a list of some resources in Okinawa/available to OIST community members here. This includes information on what languages they speak, what they specialize in, and approximate prices, among other things.


The OIST Health Center has compiled information on the costs associated with seeking external care, as well as cost reductions that students may be eligible for.

For more information, see this page.

In general, the final word on what you are or aren't eligible for comes from the doctor you visit; if you visit an external clinic/health center, ask the doctor if there is anything that you qualify for to minimize medical costs.