Events Officer: Hugo Musset

Hugo Musset


Academic life before OIST:

I did my bachelor’s degree in Paris, where I studied cellular and molecular biology, and specialized in neuroscience for my master’s degree, also in Paris. Now I’ve switched interests slightly and am studying computational neuroscience, something which I have no academic experience for, but I learned a lot during various internships.

Unit at OIST:

I’m currently doing my rotation in the Kusumi Unit, which focuses on imaging and characterizing single protein dimers in or near the plasma membrane. Later on, I will join the Fukai Unit to do computational work.

I study neuroscience, because:

it’s the field which is the most fascinating to me by its complexity and by all the emergent properties stemming from “simple” neurons. I hope to deepen my understanding of the world by studying some of these properties.

In Okinawa, I like to:

go snorkeling! Okinawa is by far the most amazing place where I’ve gone snorkeling, there is an abundance and huge variety of marine life in the local waters, even as close as Tancha beach.
I also love the Japanese concept of 飲み放題 (all-you-can-drink…), and make sure to thoroughly take advantage of it.
I also enjoy cycling on the seaside roads here, where I can enjoy the scenery.

I am the Events Officer, because:

I’m French, which means I’m obviously very popular, on top of being extremely hot and an amazing cook (come find me on Tinder). I want to interact with many different people within and outside of OIST, and contribute to the social life of this institution.