Kung-Fu classes by Masato Koja

Kung-fu is a popular word for Chinese martial arts.

Originally introduced in China as a self-defense and martial art, Kung-fu is now practiced by many people from children to the elderly for health and as a competitive sports.

The meaning of the word "Kung-fu" had little to do with martial arts. It was rather referring to excellent skill that have been cultivated through time andpractice. Anyone can enjoy Kung-fu regardless of  physical ability.




Instructor:Masato Koja

Master Koja is the only non-Chinese authorized by the Grand MasterGuo Ruiziang, to pass down the ancient techniques of Pigua,Tongbi,Miaodao,and Fengmo-gun. Based in Okinawa and Tokyo, He teaches and supervises Kung-fu.

古謝 雅人先生




Village Center Meeting Room | ヴィレッジセンターミーティングルーム

Date and Time (日程・時間)

Every Saturday , 6:00P,M - 8:00P,M | 毎週土曜日、午後6時~8時

*Only November and December, The classes will be held Mondays SOMETIMES, 7:45P.M to 9:30P.M



500 JPY per 1 class | 1クラス当たり500円です。

※Children can participate Kung fu classes(Ages 6 +)


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I certify that I am in good health to participate in any fitness related activity hosted by OIST Recreation Services and will sign the liability waiver. 私は、OISTレクリエーションサービスが提供するフィットネス活動に参加出来る健康状態であることを保証し、免責同意書に署名します。
The fee per class is 500 JPY - please pay the instructor directly. 参加費は1クラスにあたり500円です。直接講師の方へ現金でお支払いください。