Science Digest: "How to organize Chalk Talks"


Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00


Room C700 (Lab 3, Level C)


Are you applying for a PI position? Do you give talks where you need to explain your work quick and simple? Do you enjoy discussing your work and getting ideas from your peers?  Science Digest is the place for you. Science digest is preferably following the format of “Chalk Talks”, but the slide presentation is also fine. This is where the speaker talks about their work for about 20 minutes (usually using a chalkboard), followed by a lengthy discussion session with everyone present. Once a month, the ORC will host a speaker. If you want to be our next speaker, send us an e-mail:

On April 16 Prof. Simone Pigolotti, Associate Professor at Biology Complexity Unit, will teach us how to hold and navigate Chalk Talks. He will tell us about the basic rules of thumb when presenting a chalk talk and through an informal discussion with us comment on ways to tailor it further depending on the audience and the subject. 

Please, bring your lunch with you to digest better!


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