OIST Researcher Community (ORC)

Welcome to the OIST Researcher Community Website, an online meeting place for researchers with OIST as their primary affiliation. This forum is created and maintained by the elected officers of the ORC, and aspires to promote communication among the researchers in order to build a vibrant and productive research community.

Latest Posts

  • ORC Assembly

    Please join the OIST Researcher Community (ORC) Assembly! This month, we will discuss the results of the Researcher Survey.

    Thursday, April 25, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00

    Seminar Room C209 (Central Bldg., Level C)

  • Introducing Science Digest

    Are you applying for a PI position? Do you give talks where you need to explain your work quick and simple? Do you enjoy discussing your work and getting ideas from your peers?  Science Digest is the place for you. Science digest is preferably following the format of “Chalk Talks”, but the slide presentation is also fine. This is where the speaker talks about their work for about 20 minutes (usually using a chalk board), followed by a lengthy discussion session with everyone present. Once a month, the ORC will host a speaker.

  • Researcher Survey

    The ORC with the support of the Faculty Affairs Office are conducting a survey this month (March 8th-April 8th) for the research community. The results from this survey will be combined with results from a previous survey done by the students. This survey will likely be repeated on a yearly basis to gauge satisfaction with the research culture and work-life balance of researchers, as OIST continues to grow and expand. Please follow this link to participate in the survey: