[RAM 2021] Scientific Talks


Monday, July 19, 2021 - 14:00


L4E48 or Zoom


Let's start our week with Dr. Dylan Brown (Nic Chormaic Unit) and Dr. Ryuta Nakajima (Miller Unit) sharing the latest research advancements in their respective fields here in OIST. Stay tuned! Monday, July 19th at 14:00 in Seminar Room L4E48 or Zoom. For more info: Scientific Talks | OIST Groups 

Monday, July 19th, 2:00 pm

Location: L4E48 (Lab 4 level E)
Zoom: https://oist.zoom.us/j/88096951315?pwd=blNNYm5Ib2NCYURiNjIyT0FYSXhBQT09
Meeting ID: 880 9695 1315
Passcode: 005648

Speaker Affiliation Title of the Talk
Dr. Dylan Brown Nic Chormaic Unit Interfacing Rydberg atoms with an Optical Nanofiber
Dr. Ryuta Nakajima Miller Unit Can I talk to Squid? Art and Science synthesis
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