[Webinar] OIST - University of Tokyo Mini Talk Series - Application of Tissue-Clearing Technology for Cancer Research


Wednesday, September 2, 2020 - 13:30


Webinar and Center Bldg C210



Application of tissue-clearing technology for cancer research


Imaging technologies for cancer research have developed dramatically in a couple of decades and various modalities such as bioluminescence imaging and fluorescent probes are now utilized. However, there are no fundamental methods to detect cancer metastasis at whole organ level with single-cell resolution. Therefore, we focused on tissue-clearing technologies, which have been developed and used mainly in neuroscience research. Among various tissue-clearing methods, we decided to apply CUBIC (clear, unobstructed brain/body imaging cocktails and computational analysis), in cancer research. CUBIC cocktails, a combination of hydrophilic reagents, can make whole mouse or organ transparent with high quality. Using CUBIC, we succeeded to visualize the cancer metastasis in various mouse models, even in the deep tissue. This analysis can make it possible to accurately count the number of cancer metastatic foci, at single-cell resolution, without sectioning. Moreover, various metastatic patterns can be visualized with 3D imaging. We believe that this method will become a strong imaging modality in understanding the tumor microenvironment. In this seminar, I would like to talk about some examples and potential applications of tissue-clearing technologies in cancer research. 


Assistant Professor Kei Takahashi
Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine, Department of Molecular Pathology
MD Scientist Training Program, The University of Tokyo


My research interest is to elucidate the role of tumor microenvironment using mouse models. I am also interested in application of various imaging modalities including bioluminescence imaging and tissue-clearing technologies in cancer research. 


September 2nd (Wed) 13:30-15:00


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