Office of the Dean of Research

Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Research.


The Office of Dean of Research (“ODoR”) facilitates and sponsors a robust network of relationships with domestic and international universities and research institutions, to foster collaborations on research and academic matters, with a view toward heightening OIST’s visibility as a world-leading research and educational institution.
The ODoR also supports Okinawa’s sustainability and development by bringing local institutions into OIST’s institutional level collaborations, where feasible.
Through its comprehensive program of established institutional collaborations and research grant support, the ODoR can assist OIST researchers in identifying fruitful collaborations and in competing effectively for prestigious external grant funding that might not otherwise be easily accessible by OIST researchers working alone.

Guiding values

Excellence in research and education; an institution-wide spirit of cooperation and collaboration

Key Objectives

Be an advocate for, convener and enabler of OIST researchers, to facilitate and deliver world-leading research, through internal and external collaborations.
Be a supporter and enabler of OIST's Graduate School, assisting students to become well-informed, creative, adaptable, and independent scientific leaders.
Be globally recognized as an effective advocate for and enabler of the broader Japanese scientific community and friction-free point of interface with the wider scientific world.

Invitation and Commitment to the OIST Research Community

In pursuing our mission and objectives, we will always seek to provide a broad array of institutional level collaborations, crossing disciplinary lines where appropriate, with a view toward providing an intellectually and scientifically attractive collaboration opportunities and, where possible, opportunities to compete effectively for prestigious external grant funding to all members of the OIST Research Community. If individual OIST Researchers are aware of attractive collaboration opportunities with universities and institutes with which OIST does not have established institutional level collaborations programs, we invite you to bring these to our attention, so that we can ensure that your needs and interests are addressed.