The Global Bioconvergence Center of Innovation

Our Mission

At the Global Bioconvergence Center of Innovation, our mission is to contribute to global well-being with a focus on the "One World, One Health" concept, balancing the mind, body, and environment. Key themes include 

  • Healthy Mind, 
  • Healthy Body,
  • Healthy Environment,

emphasizing sustainable solutions for the next two decades.

We employ innovative strategies, including deep tech solutions, to address challenges and create value. Our approach is scientific and interdisciplinary, collaborating with global partners for holistic solutions. By leveraging OIST's strengths in innovation, collaboration, and international partnerships, we aim to improve the well-being of individuals and contribute positively to global society.

Latest Posts

  • COI-NEXT Early Career Grant Awardees

    We are proud to announce the selection of outstanding projects for the COI-NEXT Early Career Grant. This marks a significant milestone in OIST's ongoing commitment to nurturing emerging talent and groundbreaking research. 

    We trust that the selected projects will advance scientific understanding and yield meaningful societal benefits. Please join us in honoring the following awardees: