Past Events

[PhD Thesis Presentation] ‐ Mr. Stefan Pommer "The effect of serotonin receptor 5-HT1b on lateral inhibition between spiny projection neurons in the mouse striatum"

B503, Lab 1, Level B

Student: Mr. Stefan Pommer

Language: English

Target Audience: OIST researchers and students

[Seminar] Selection bias may be adjusted when sample size is negative " by Prof. Hidetoshi Shimodaira

C210, Lev C, Central Bldg

Title: Selection bias may be adjusted when sample size is negative

Speaker: Prof. Hidetoshi Shimodaira

Affiliation:  Kyoto University

[Seminar] "Advances in Anomaly Detection" by Prof. Thomas G. Dietterich

Location: C700, Level C, Lab 3

Title: Advances in Anomaly Detection

Speaker: Prof. Thomas G. Dietterich

Affiliation: Oregon State University

[Seminar] "Area of Genomic Turbulence near Vertebrates" by Prof. Daniel Chourrout

B700, Level B, Lab 3

Title: Area of Genomic Turbulence near Vertebrates

Speaker: Prof. Daniel Chourrout

Affiliation: Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology, University of Bergen, Norway

[Seminar] "Lymphocyte trafficking to the CNS – does provenance matter?" by Prof. Thomas Korn

C209, Level C, Ctrl Bld

Title: Lymphocyte trafficking to the CNS – provenance matters

Speaker: Prof. Thomas Korn

Affiliation: Technical University of Munich

[Seminar] "Circuits optogenetics and wavefront shaping" by Prof. Valentina Emiliani

C015, Lab1 Level C

seminar by the external examiner