Past Events

Controlling Ions in a Two-Dimensional Array

Lab4, Level E, L4E48

Dr. Nathan Kenneth Lysne, PREP Postdoctoral Associate, CU Boulder, NIST

Language: English.

Moonshot Public Symposium 2022 for Goal 6

Online (Zoom Webinar, YouTube)

About one year has passed since the start of R&D for Moonshot Goal 6, "a fault-tolerant universal quantum computer that will revolutionize economy, industry, and security by 2050”. They will disseminate the results of R&D currently being carried out in the goal's seven projects, and explore issues related to the realization of fault-tolerant universal quantum computers. Prof. Hiroki Takahashi will give a presentation.

[Seminar] "Trapping Electrons in a Room-temperature Quadrupole Trap: Towards an All-electronic Microwave-enabled Trapped Electron Qubit System for QIP" by Prof. Hartmut Häffner


Hartmut Häffner is an Associate Professor for Physics at UC Berkeley. Language: English, no interpretation. Open to everyone.

[Seminar] "Quantum Simulations Using the Motional States of Trapped Ions” by Prof. Norbert M. Linke


Prof. Norbert M. Linke is a Fellow of the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland, working on quantum applications with trapped ions, including quantum computing.

Seminar: "Optical cavity for quantum networks" by Dr. Ezra Kassa

B503, Level B, Center building

Speaker: Dr. Ezra Kassa, University of Oxford, United Kingdom