Advanced Quantum Technologies for Trapped Ions (AQTTI)

 Okinawa, Japan,  21-24 September 2024

Trapped ions have been a tremendously successful platform for quantum computing, simulation and metrology. Novel aspects of ion traps and related technologies are still actively explored around the world to advance this celebrated platform even further. This workshop aims to bring leading experts on various ion-related topics to discuss recent developments, share ideas, make future collaboration and also have a fun time together.

The topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Optical cavity integration
  • Microwave gates
  • Nanophotonics integration
  • Trap fabrication
  • Coherent phonon manipulation
  • Ion shuttling and QCCD
  • Atom-ion hybrid systems
  • Quantum error correction

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Important dates

  • TBD Deadline for application
  • TBD Deadline for registration
  • Friday, 20 September  Arrive to Okinawa  (check-in)
  • Saturday, 21 September Workshop starts in the morning
  • Tuesday 24 September Workshop ends in the afternoon and Departure (check out)



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