2019 IEEE “Okinawa Chapter pre-event” / Okinawa Future Semiconductor Technical Committee


Thursday, September 26, 2019 - 13:00 to 17:15


Seminar room C210, Center building


Committee Chair: Prof. Fujii, N.I.T., Okinawa College
Sponsor: R1 Innovation Building Project in Okinawa Prefecture, and
Okinawa General Bureau, Cabinet Office, Prof. Fried OIST,
IEEE Fukuoka section

Workshop Abstract

Since Okinawa Prefecture is far from main land of Japan, there are few opportunities for students
in Okinawa to give their research. Now, we propose IEEE society to build Okinawa joint-chapter
as plat form of research and education between universities and college. So, in this year, Dr.
Fukuda, who is a 2019 president elect, will introduce IEEE activates and his research topic. In
addition, several leaders from industries related to Minimal fab. will be also invited to give
progress of Minimal-fab. The minimal fab. has much potential to replace traditional industrial
models. This technologies with no need for clean rooms and half-inch production sizes are
suitable for research on IC, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and new material
technologies. Minimal fab can be applied as-is to promote industry in Okinawa Prefecture;
researchers in OIST, Okinawa college, and Ryukyu Univ. can also focus on projects that change
the educational research system. In this workshop, our researchers exchange information with
each other, and for the purpose of Okinawa and Japan, future education and business model will
be constructed.

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