Möbius Kaleidocycles

Möbius Kaleidocycles embody a solution to a problem of the geometry of motion: Is it possible make a closed loop from seven or more identical rigid links that is mobile only to the extent that it can turn inside out continuously and smoothly? That a closed loop of six identical rigid links allows such a motion has been known for upwards of a hundred years. OIST researchers recently showed that this is also possible with seven or more links, leading to a patent application and a publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Those links must, however, obey a strict design criterion that depends on the number of links, as can be noticed by comparing the angle between the hinges of the models with seven and nine links.

A such, Möbius Kaleidocycles are more than just promotional gifts. They are tangible manifestations of innovation and original research done at OIST.

If you have one a paper kaleidocycle, see the video below for help with putting it together.

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How to assemble the Möbius Kaleidocycle

How to assemble the Möbius Kaleidocycle

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