Methods matter in repeating ocean acidification studies
Philip L. Munday, Danielle L. Dixson, Megan J. Welch, Douglas P. Chivers, Paolo Domenici, Martin Grosell, Rachael M. Heuer, Geoffrey P. Jones, Mark I. McCormick, Mark Meekan, Göran E. Nilsson, Timothy Ravasi & Sue-Ann Watson, Nature 586, E20–E24 (2020).

Viral ecogenomics across the Porifera
Cecília Pascelli, Patrick W. Laffy, Emmanuelle Botté, Marija Kupresanin, Thomas Rattei, Miguel Lurgi, Timothy Ravasi & Nicole S. Webster, Microbiome Volume 8, Article number: 144 (2020).

Symbiodiniaceae diversity of Palythoa tuberculosa in the central and southern Red Sea influenced by environmental factors
Hin Boo Wee, Michael L. Berumen, Timothy Ravasi and James Davis Reimer, Coral Reefs, 03 August 2020|

Probing SWATH‐MS as a tool for proteome level quantification in a nonmodel fish
Alison A. Monroe, Huoming Zhang, Celia Schunter, and Timothy Ravasi, Molecular Ecology Resources, 20 July 2020|

An Epigenetic Signature for Within-Generational Plasticity of a Reef Fish to Ocean Warming
Taewoo Ryu, Heather D. Veilleux, Philip L. Munday, Imgook Jung, Jennifer M. Donelson and Timothy Ravasi, Frontiers in Marine Science, 30 April 2020 |

Species-specific molecular responses of wild coral reef fishes during a marine heatwave
Moisés A. Bernal, Celia Schunter, Robert Lehmann, Damien J. Lightfoot, Bridie J. M. Allan, Heather D. Veilleux, Jodie L. Rummer, Philip L. Munday, Timothy Ravasi, Science Advances, 18 Mar 2020: Vol. 6, no. 12, eaay3423 DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.aay3423

Neural effects of elevated CO2 in fish may be amplified by a vicious cycle
Celia Schunter, Timothy Ravasi, Philip L Munday, Göran E Nilsson, Conservation Physiology, Volume 7, Issue 1, 2020, coz100,


Nuclear AGO1 Regulates Gene Expression by Affecting Chromatin Architecture in Human Cells
Muhammad Shuaib, Krishna Mohan Parsi, Manjula Thimma, Sabir Abdu Adroub, Hideya Kawaji, Loqmane Seridi, Yanal Ghosheh, Alexandre Fort, Bodor Fallatah, Timothy Ravasi, Piero Carninci, Valerio Orlando (2019), Cell Systems, Volume 9, Issue 5, 27 November 2019, Pages 446-458.e6 |

Testing the Adaptive Potential of Yellowtail Kingfish to Ocean Warming and Acidification,
Philip L. Munday, Celia Schunter, Bridie J. M. Allan, Simon Nicol, Darren M. Parsons, Stephen M. J. Pether, Stephen Pope, Timothy Ravasi, Alvin N. Setiawan, Neville Smith and Jose A. Domingos (2019),  Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 09 July 2019 |

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