Lab Members

Erina Kawai, Research Unit and Field Technician
erina.kawai at

Twitter @aroeriiiiina

I graduated from the University of Ryukyu with an MSc in Marine Biology. My main jobs at the Marine Climate Change Unit are, 1) breeding coral reef fish, 2) assit all unit's members with field work and fish collection in Japan and around the world and 3) to make coworkers smile. I love the sea, scuba diving, dogs, sweets and Okinawa.


Yoko Shintani, Research Unit Administrator
yoko.shintani at

Twitter @yoko_the_ocean

I joined OIST in April 2018 coming from working in scientific publishing at Nature Japan in Tokyo. My role at the Marine Climate Change Unit is to provide administrative support to Prof. Timothy Ravasi and the other unit members, helping them to smoothly reach their research goals. I'm truly delighted to work close to marine scientists while embracing the stanning marine environment surrounding Okinawa and the Ryukyu archipelago. My passions are the ocean and Wushu.