Open Call for TSVP Visiting Scholars in FY2024


2023年7月19日 (水) (All day)2023年9月17日 (日) (All day)




Visiting Scholars have been arriving through the TSVP since March 2022, and now we are starting the call for FY2024 (April 2024 - March 2025). 

Visiting Scholars will have the opportunity to carry out independent research at OIST, and to interact with OIST Research Units during their stay. Visits will usually be of 3 to 12 months, with support provided for travel, accommodation, and living expenses at the level of per diem. 

In exceptional situations, successful candidates may be able to apply for support with salary. Visits of 1 to 3 months may also be approved where special circumstances prevent a longer visit.
Experimental researchers may apply where they plan to work on theoretical projects while at OIST.

Independent researchers (senior postdoc upwards) from any research field related to OIST are eligible to apply. We are especially seeking applications from women and underrepresented groups.

Application website: (also see the below poster)



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