Past Events

A recipe for scientific synergy -Series 4- “Advancing biotechnology through multidisciplinary approaches”

2023年5月29日 (月) 9:15 18:05
*On-site venue has been changed! The Center of Medical Innovation and Translational Research(CoMIT) building, Suita Campus, Osaka University/ Zoom for OISTers

Osaka University is one of OIST's strategic partners.

Since 2020, we have co-hosted a series called "Recipe for Scientific Synergy" to introduce researchers from both sides.

In order to strengthen the network with a view toward more robust collaboration on bottom-up basis, we have decided to transform this series into an on-site symposium.

OIST x the University of Tokyo -Joint talk series for future science-Season7:Exploring synaptic function through fluorescence imaging

2023年5月16日 (火) 10:30 11:30
C209 for OISTers/Zoom *Registration is required for on-site participants.

OIST-UT Joint talk series for future science-Season7:Exploring synaptic function through fluorescence imaging. *Please register in advance if you are participating onsite.



2023年3月13日 (月) 13:20 17:30
Keio University Yagami Campus/ Hybrid

OIST is a private university established in 2011, under Japanese government auspices. While new, OIST has made remarkable progress by conducting research that bridges disciplines to explore new frontiers of scientific knowledge. Keio University, Japan’s first private university founded in 1858, has led Japanese academia with its tradition and innovative mindset. Both universities now come together to launch interdisciplinary collaboration at an institutional level. The “Keio-OIST Showcase Talk” series is our signature event, where researchers not only present their recent research, but can seek advice, discuss solutions, and find friends and prospective collaborators. 

COI-NEXT Kick off Symposium ― One World One Health ―

2023年3月10日 (金) 13:10 17:25
OIST Auditorium and zoom

OIST has established the Center for Global Bioconvergence Innovation, supported by a major grant from the Japan Science and Technology Agency JST (Japan Science and Technology) Program on Open Innovation Platform for Academia-Industry Co-Creation (COI-NEXT). This is a kick-off event to commemorate the establishment of the Global Bioconvergence Center of Innovation.

Interdisciplinary Science Conference in Okinawa (ISCO 2023) — Physics and Mathematics meet Medical Science —

2023年2月27日 (月) (All day)2023年3月3日 (金) (All day)
OIST Auditorium

The purpose of ISCO 2023 is to bring together leading researchers in their respective fields, explore methods for solving issues through the fusion of different fields, and form a new network of researchers. The workshop will bring together speakers from Japan and abroad in the fields of space science, particle and nuclear physics, quantum computing, life sciences, and medicine to discuss the challenges they face and the latest advancements in their respective fields.

OIST-Kyoto University Joint Workshop -Challenges in Biomedical Complexity-

2022年11月2日 (水) (All day)2022年11月4日 (金) (All day)
B250, OIST *Zoom for Kyoto U participants- Registration required

This is a joint workshop between OIST and Kyoto U on Imaging, Life Science.


The 28th EAJS -East Asia Joint Symposium

2022年10月26日 (水) 9:302022年10月28日 (金) 12:20
Hybrid - Online for OIST and on-site (SIAIS and SIBCB)

The EAJS was initiated as a joint research conference between the Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo and the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Seoul National University (Korea) in 1994 and has been held annually for recent twenty-seven years. During the twenty-seven years, the EAJS has expanded by inviting other seven institutes.

[Registration Deadline] OIST-Kyoto University Joint Workshop -Challenges in Biomedical Complexity-

2022年10月25日 (火) (All day)

Registration deadline for OIST-Kyoto University Joint Workshop -Challenges in Biomedical Complexity- is October 25th, 2022.

OIST-Tohoku University Joint Workshop on Biodiversity: From Genes and Species to Ecosystem Services and Resilience

2022年10月24日 (月) (All day)2022年10月26日 (水) (All day)
Tohoku University and Zoom

Biodiversity plays a central role in humankind’s interaction with the biosphere, lying at the heart of all ecosystem structure and functioning. Biodiversity describes the variability and connectivity of life across different levels (from bacteria to plants and animals) and dimensions (from genetic to ecological and from taxonomic to functional):

This workshop will bring together practitioners and enthusiasts of biodiversity research from Tohoku University and OIST to illuminate this fascinating theme from multiple angles, with the aim of discovering complementary perspectives and collaborative opportunities.

A Recipe for Scientific Synergy Series 3 by Dr. Kazumasa Tanaka and Dr. Qingbo S. Wang

2022年10月20日 (木) 14:00 15:30

OIST - Osaka University: A Recipe for Scientific Synergy-Series 3 by Dr. Kazumasa Tanaka and Dr. Qingbo S. Wang