Chiral Force Outreach Article

Our outreach article about chiral forces - a new tool in the quantum engineering toolbox - is finally published, in English and in Japanese!

CQD 2018 is over... looking forward to 2019!

Two weeks of our Summer School CQD are over and we all survived two (!) typhoons. But the rewards were many interesting lectures and many new friends made!

Research Interns

On this day we have 5 interns! Best day ever!  It's easy to see who's been here the longest ;) (2018/08/16)

PhD Proposal exam, Ayaka Usui

Ayaka Usui has taken her PhD Proposal exam in front of Prof. Berge Englert from NU Singapore and Prof. Shinobu Hikami from OIST. She will now work on creating interesting non-classical states in strongly correlated ultracold atom systems.