QSU Interns FY2024 April-May

Always fun to have interns around!  More to come!

Congratulatations, Dr. Boubakour!

Well done, Momo!
Our PhD student, Mohamed Boubakour, successfully defended his PhD thesis!


Visitors in Janauary 2024

In January, we had the privilege of hosting two researchers in our group. One was Prof. Nathan Harshman from American University, USA, who stayed with us for approximately a month and gave a talk on "Applications of Configuration Space Symmetry and Topology in 1D Few-Body Systems." Lucky for us, Prof. Harshman also provided lectures to our PhD students at OIST.


"A quantum engine in the BEC–BCS crossover" in nature

A quantum engine in the BEC–BCS crossover
Jennifer Koch, Keerthy Menon, Eloisa Cuestas, Sian Barbosa, Eric Lutz, Thomás Fogarty, Thomas Busch & Artur Widera   Nature volume 621, pages 723–727 (2023)


Check out our press release from here.

CQD was held for the first time in three years!

 The first time in three years the CQD was a great success.  Everyone seemed to be engaged in lively and deepening discussions.  


Quantum Adiabatic Control and Shortcuts (QUACS)

Mini workshop "Quantum Adiabatic Control and Shortcuts (QUACS)" was a great suceess.


Delighted to welcome the two visitors from Trinity College Dublin

We welcome our visitors, Prof. Mark Mitchison and PhD student Sindre Brattegard from Trinity College Dublin, who finally arrived at OIST after a flight cancellation and the aftermath of a typhoon!

Prof. Mitchison is giving a seminar "Diverging current fluctuations in critical Kerr resonators"








Congratulations, Dr. Metz!

Rike successfully defended her PhD thesis!  Congrats!


Ceremony to crown the doctoral hat ♔

Congratulations on your successful PhD thesis defence, Dr. Campbell☘




UH-HUH! (This is the sound of Lewis)
Lewis successfully defended his thesis. Congratulations!!


Congratulations, Dr. Keller!

That he is holding THE cup in his hand means..., congratulations Dr. Tim Keller!
"PAIN is temporary, PAPER is forever"

Hybrid Conference: Ultracold Atoms Japan 2022

We are holding a hybrid meeting: Ultracold Atoms Japan, April 12-14, 2022.

Congratulations on winning the Qiskit Hackathon Europe!

Congratulations to Friederike Metz and her teammates from ICFO for winning the Qiskit Hackathon Europe!  See more in the Hackathon website, YouTube video of winning project proposals and OIST News.

Postdocs for Osaka (II)

With work on nano-optics and superfluids under her belt,  Sahar was given a funny hat and sent on new adventure in Osaka to work with Makoto Tsubota at Osaka City University.

Next Generation Quantum Technology Series

Yano E Plus, a monthly magazine published from the Yano research institute covered a story on research result that the Quantum Systems Unit announced last May, as one of the recent highlights on the quantum technology field. The article is based on the interview with Ayaka Usui, the Junior Research Fellow at OIST.  (Yano E Plus,

Postdocs for Osaka (I)

After passing his thesis, getting properly dressed up and sorting all his paperwork,  Mathias is finally off for his new adventure in Osaka with Ippei Danshita at Kindai University. Thank you for having worked with us and best of luck for all your future plans!

Featured in OIST news

Researchers show that a quantum sensor using a single atom can accurately measure the coldest places in the universe.  Learn more from here.

J & J are going away

Feshly awarded PhDs Jiabao and James are off to new adventures (one each) and we will miss them dearly. They are equipped with all OIST had to offer and will, no doubt, be great ambassadors for Okinawa.

It is good to have a plan...

...when planning to defend your thesis work successfully. And (the now) Dr. Chen did just this. Congratulations Jiabao on impressive work and a successful final exam! The hat fits well.

No shortcuts....

...but hard work was the reason that Tim was able to successfully defend his thesis proposal in front of Prof. Brand from Massey University in New Zealand. Well done Tim!

Turning mathematicians...

...into physicists. Congratulations to Lewis for defeding his thesis proposal in front of Prof. Hakuta from UEC! Optical binding will never be the same.

Happy Formalities!

When one finally dons the robe and listens to speeches full of gravitas, then, and only then, does one get hit by the full weight that comes with being a PhD. Congratulations Irina!

Mentoring Award

Prof. Thomas Busch has received the best OIST mentor award!
The award is presented by the OIST Researcher Community, and is given in recognition of Faculty members’ strong commitment to outstanding mentoring in career advancement for group members and OIST Employees.
Congratulations! (March 2019)

PhD Presentation Irina Reshodko

The summit of a five-year research career finally achieved. Well done, Irina! 

Chiral Force Outreach Article

Our outreach article about chiral forces - a new tool in the quantum engineering toolbox - is finally published, in English and in Japanese!

CQD 2018 is over... looking forward to 2019!

Two weeks of our Summer School CQD are over and we all survived two (!) typhoons. But the rewards were many interesting lectures and many new friends made!

Research Interns

On this day we have 5 interns! Best day ever!  It's easy to see who's been here the longest ;) (2018/08/16)

PhD Proposal exam, Ayaka Usui

Ayaka Usui has taken her PhD Proposal exam in front of Prof. Berge Englert from NU Singapore and Prof. Shinobu Hikami from OIST. She will now work on creating interesting non-classical states in strongly correlated ultracold atom systems.