James Schloss                                                                 Graduated 2019

Massively parallel split-step Fourier techniques for simulating quantum systems on graphics processing units

Life after OIST

Postdoctoral Research Associate,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

Jiabao Chen                                                                Graduated 2019

Coherent control of charged particle systems strongly interacting with microwave photons 

  • Strong coupling of a two-dimensional electron ensemble to a single-mode cavity resonators
    Jiabao Chen, A. A. Zadorozhko, and D. Konstantinov
    Phys. Rev. B 98, 235418(2018)
  • Adiabatic preparation of squeezed states of oscillators and large spin systems coupled to a two-level system
    Jiabao Chen, Denis Konstantinov, and Klaus Mølmer
    Phys. Rev. A 99, 013803
Life after OIST

Quantum Computing Software Engineer, QunaSys (Japan)


Irina Reshodko                                                             Graduated 2019

State engineering in one-dimensional quantum gases 

  • Robust boson dispenser: Quantum state preparation in interacting many-particle systems
    Irina Reshodko, Albert Benseny, and Thomas Busch
    Phys. Rev. A 96, 023606 (2017)
  • Entanglement in Spatial Adiabatic Processes for Interacting Atoms
    Albert Benseny, Irina Reshodko, and Thomas Busch
    Few-Body Syst.  59, 48 (2018)
  • Topological states in the Kronig-Penney model with arbitrary scattering potentials
    Irina Reshodko, Albert Benseny, Judit Romhányi, Thomas Busch

    New. J. Phys. 21,  013010 (2019).
Life after OIST

Artificial Intelligence Researcher / Software Developer, WAY (Norway)

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Lee O'Riordan                                                             Graduated 2017

Non-equilibrium vortex dynamics in rapidly rotating Bose-Einstein condensates  

Life after OIST

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA)