/Time Changed to 3PM/Semianr "Persistent current fractional quantization in atomtronic circuits" Dr. Juan Polo Gomez, TII


2022年11月4日 (金) 15:00 16:00


C700, Lab 3



Dr. Juan Polo Gomez
Postdoctoral Researcher
Quantum Research Centre, Technology Innovation Institute


Atomtronics is the emerging quantum technology of matter-wave circuits that coherently guide ultra-cold atoms.  The field benefits from the remarkable progress in micro-optics, allowing to control the coherent matter with enhanced flexibility on the micron spatial scale. This way, both fundamental studies in quantum science and technological applications can be carried out. After an introduction to the field, I will focus on the specific example of bosonic or fermionic cold atoms confined in ring-shaped traps.  Particularly, I will show that the persistent currents in such systems display exotic quantization properties. Such a feature paves the way for the realization of quantum sensors with enhanced sensitivity.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the seminar.

-Quantum Systems Unit / Busch Unit

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