"Noise-stabilised particle transport and exotic-state preparation via shortcuts to adiabaticity" Andreas Ruschhaupt, Cork University College, Ireland


2019年5月29日 (水) 10:00 11:00


Seminar Room C209, Level C, Center Building



Dr. Andreas Ruschhaupt
Lecturer, University College Cork, Ireland


We present new applications of quantum control via shortcuts to adiabaticity. In the first part, following [1,2], we investigate the transport of a quantum particle in a harmonic trap with the spring constant perturbed by weak coloured noise. We derive expressions for the final excitation energy and demonstrate that the excitation can be reduced by using the techniques of shortcuts to adiabaticity. As a second application, we present a toolbox of techniques based on shortcuts to adiabaticity to create higher orbital states of ultracold atoms in the Mott regime of an optical lattice [3,4]. As examples of using this toolbox, we show specifically how to create an anti-ferromagnetic type ordering of angular momentum states of atoms and a large-angular-momentum state of the atoms. In the third part, we propose a theoretical scheme for atomic cooling [5]. This is achieved by collisions of the particles with a combination of a moving atomic mirror and a moving atom diode. An atom diode is a unidirectional barrier, i.e., an optical device through which an atom can pass in one direction only. Finally, we consider asymmetric scattering by non-Hermitian (generally non-local) potentials in one dimension [6]. We show that these non-Hermitian, non-local potentials allow the design of basic devices (like a one-way mirror) which cannot be designed with "standard" local, Hermitian potentials [6].


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