"Knotted optical vortices and polarisation structures and their interaction with matter waves" Simon Gardiner, Durham University, UK


2019年2月12日 (火) 14:00


D014, Level D, Lab 1



Prof. Simon Gardiner
Deputy Head of the Faculty of Science (Undergraduate), Durham University, UK
Associate Director of the Joint Quantum Centre (JQC) Durham-Newcastle


Following seminal theoretical [1,2] and experimental [3-5] work on constructing knotted optical vortices in laser light in the paraxial approximation we have studied the creation of knotted ultracold matter waves in atomic Bose–Einstein condensates via two- photon Raman transitions [6] as well as the creation of knotted structures in the longitudinal polarization component of light beyond the paraxial approximation [7]. The Raman transition allows an indirect transfer of atoms from the internal state |a⟩ to the target state |b⟩ via an excited state |e⟩. This enables us to imprint 3D knotted vortex lines embedded in the probe field to the target state density . We have illustrated our approach to structure the longitudinal polarisation component of light by demonstrating linked and knotted longitudinal vortex lines acquired upon nonparaxially propagating a tightly focused subwave-length beam . We note that the remaining degrees of freedom in the transverse polarization components can be exploited to generate customized topological vector beams.

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