Workshop: "Speaking about science"


2018年10月12日 (金) 14:00


C700, Lab3


   **Sponsored by OIST Graduate School**

Target Audience: Graduate Students and Researchers

Session format: Interactive seminar

Speaker: ​Scott Morgan, The Morgan Group


  • We cover the structure, organization, design, and delivery of scientific talks. There are worksheets and/or exercises for each topic as we discuss seven structural components and two major delivery techniques.
  • Learn the components of a good scientific presentation. These skills ensure that any talk is relevant, focused, digestible, visually helpful, and dynamic.
  • For any scientist, at any level.


The workshop also covers slide design and creating a clear, linear flow to the scientific
narrative. Important topics include:

  • High Contrast
  • Visualizing Data
  • Limiting text
  • Schematics and Cartoons
  • Compare and Contrasting Data
  • Controlling the rate and flow of information
  • Using animation and movies
  • Practicing verbal transitions

Registration is required . Registration deadline: October 11th 2018

TO REGISTER CLICK HERE. Students should register via Graduate School.


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