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Presentation files

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Day1 Jan. 14 (Wed.)     |   Day2 Jan. 15 (Tue.)

DAY 1   January 14, 2014 (TUE)                                 

9:50-10:10 What‘s Open Energy Systems?  ◆Prof. Hiroaki Kitano: OIST / Sony CSL

-------------------- Global Issues in Energy ------------- (H. Kitano) ------------------------------------------------

10:10-10:55     Keynote Speech 1 : Energy and its role in sustainable development”

                        ◆Prof. Dave Griggs: CEO Climate Works Australia & Director

                                                          Monash Sustainability Institute (Monash University), Australia

10:55-11:40     Keynote Speech 2 : “Systemic Challenges that Smart Cities and Territories will Face”

                        ◆Dr. Ronan Stephan: Chief Innovation Officer, ALSTOM, France

11:40-11:55     Break

11:55-12:40     Keynote Speech 3 : Japan's Renewable Energy Policy and Perspectives on the                                             Next-Gen Distributed Power Grid Systems”

                        ◆Mr. Yuki Shimazu: Deputy Director, New and Renewable Energy Division, Agency for

                                 Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)

12:40-14:15     Lunch @Floor B Restaurant

                        Sony CSL-OIST Open Energy Systems Project tour 

14:15-15:00     Keynote Speech 4 : “Bottlenecks to Promote Rural Electrification in African Countries and

                                             Needs for Technical Innovation”

                        ◆Mr. Toshiyuki Hayashi: Senior Advisor, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)     

15:00-15:45     Keynote Speech 5 : “Open Energy Systems and the Role of Clean Technology Innovation:

                                                       A Hawaii Case Study”

                        ◆Mr. Dennis Teranishi, CEO, Pacific International Center for High Technology Research, Hawaii

-------------------- Technology ------------------- (M. Tokoro) -------------------------------------------------------

16:30-17:00     “Open Energy Activities in Okinawa”

                         ◆Prof. Jun-ichiro Tsutsumi: University of the Ryukyu

17:00-17:20     “Sea Horse Project - Ocean Power Generation”

                         ◆Prof. Tsumoru Shintake: OIST   

17:20-17:35     “Low-cost solar cells”

                         ◆Prof. Yabing Qi: OIST   

17:35-18:00     “Sony CSL-OIST DC-based Open Energy System (DCOES)”

                         ◆Dr. Mario Tokoro: Sony CSL


DAY 2   January 15, 2014 (WED)                                

-------------------- Social Aspect / Sustainability / Business -------- (P. Vincent) -------------------------------

9:00- 9:45      Keynote Speech 6 : “Toward sustainable regional development through renewable energy

                        ◆Prof. Toru Morotomi: Kyoto University 

9:45-10:30     Keynote Speech 7 : “Photovoltaic for low power Telco devices: an opportunity for Orange”

                        ◆Dr. Thomas Rivera: Orange Labs Networks

10:30-10:45     Break

10:45-11:30     Keynote Speech 8 : “EV introduction Project in Okinawa Green Island Plan”

                        ◆Prof. Kenji Tanaka: University of Tokyo 

11:30-12:15     Keynote Speech 9 : “Paradigm Shift of the Energy Industry after the Great East Japan

                                            Earthquake – For Creation of the Best Mix Energy Industry-"

                        ◆Dr. Hiroshi Fujiwara : President&CEO, BroadBand Tower, Inc

---------------Principal Keynote ----- (J. Dorfan) -------------------------------------------

14:15-15:15     Principal Keynote : “Climate Change and Energy Choices” (Live Video from Delhi)

                        ◆Dr. Rajendra Kumar Pachauri: Chairperson,

                            The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)