"Modeling of surface reactions mediated by bulk diffusion"


2019年7月10日 (水) 16:00 17:00


C016, Level C, Lab1


Dear All,

Mathematics, Mechanics, and Materials Unit (Fried Unit) would like to invite you to a Seminar by Prof. Fernando P. Duda from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Time: 16:00-17:00
Venue: C016, Level C, Lab1

Fernando P. Duda
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Title: Modeling of surface reactions mediated by bulk diffusion

The interplay between bulk diffusion and surface reactions underlies many complex behaviors, such as spatiotemporal oscillations, in chemical and biological systems. We apply continuum methods  to model this interplay under isothermal conditions. Specifically, by combining chemical species balances and constitutive equations consistent with a mechanical version of the second law of thermodynamics, we derive general equations governing bulk diffusion coupled with surface reactions and discuss how to recover some of the models that have been proposed in the literature. Finally, we explore one-dimensional examples for which the boundary conditions reduce to ordinary-differential equations familiar for van der Pol and Fitzhugh–Nagumo oscillators.

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