"Computational Origami Design"


2017年2月27日 (月) 15:00 16:00


C209, LevelC, Center Building


Dear All,

Mathematical Soft Matter Unit (Fried Unit) would like to invite you to a Seminar by Professor Jun Mitani from University of Tsukuba.

Date: Monday, February 27th, 2017
Time: 15:00-16:00
Venue: C209, LevelC, Center Building

Professor Jun Mitani
Information and Systems
Faculty of Engineering
University of Tsukuba

Computational Origami Design

Among a variety of fabrications, paper is one the most familiar material for us, and origami, making objects by folding a sheet of paper, is attracting people all over the world. However, making intended shapes by folding a sheet of paper is not a simple task due to its geometrical restrictions caused by the non-stretchable property of material. In this talk, I will look back on history of origami design, and introduce today's origami design approaches as well as our origami design software. Most of the software we developed are interactive, and able to handle curved folds. I will also show some industrial applications and attractive origami artworks.

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