Online Language Courses

From January 2023 all courses have been conducted in-person. If needs be the language education section may switch to online courses and the following guidelines will be followed.

Zoom guidelines for language courses

Use headphones

All participants in a Zoom lesson must use headphones. You may not use your device’s native audio output, as it causes feedback for the other participants. We also strongly recommend using a microphone or headset instead of your device’s native microphone.

Choose an appropriate location

Participants in a Zoom lesson should be mindful of their surroundings and try to choose a location which is quiet and free from distractions to the other participants.

Try to stay away from other students

When you and another student use Zoom close to each other, it causes feedback for the other participants. Please sit in a different room from other students.

Alternatively, you and one other student can join using the same Zoom account or zoom enabled meeting room. Be sure to wear masks and maintain social distancing as much as you can.

Mute your microphone when not speaking

When you are wearing headphones, it’s difficult to hear what’s going on around you. But your microphone picks it up! Use push-to-talk or mute your microphone when it's not your turn to speak.

Don’t record

Participants in a Zoom lesson may not record the lesson using Zoom, their computer’s native recording software or any other recording hardware or software. Refrain from making recordings.

Participate actively in the lessons

Taking a language course does not mean only listening to the teacher. You must be prepared to practice what you learned in the group session, in breakout rooms, and by completing your homework.