Academic English Seminars

Basic Academic Speaking Seminars

Schedule this semester:

1. September 24th: 3-4PM - Using Oral Citations

2. October 1st: 3-4 PM - Learning from TED part 1

3. October 8th: 3-4 PM - Concluding a presentation

4. October 15th: 3-4 PM - Learning from TED part 2.

5. October 22nd: 3-4 PM - Giving spontaneous one minute talks

6. October 29th: 3-4 PM - Why you should write out your speech part 1

7. November 5th: 3-4 PM - Using Transition Phrases in Presentations

8. November 12th: 3-4 PM -Why you should write out your speech part 2

9. November 19th 3-4 PM - Participating in small group discussions

10. November 26th 3-4PM - Ten ways to begin a presentation

Although it is highly recommended that you attend all the classes, it is not required. Each Friday seminar is a self contained lesson.

Please note that while the content may be useful for any aspiring presenters, the course is aimed at non-native speakers of English.

Please watch the event's list for a link to each seminar and downloadable handouts.


The OIST Interdisciplinary Academic Word List

The most frequently used words at OIST - Click here for the Cambridge Dictionary Word List

The most frequnelty used words at OIST as flash cards - Click here for the quizlet flash cards


Video Seminars

Teaching Basics for Scientists

In this video you will:

  • learn 6 simple active learning techniques you can adapt to any classroom
  • practice adapting science textbook material to an active learning style

In this video you will:

  • learn terminology related to goals and objectives
  • write goals and objectives using Bloom's taxonomy
  • practice writing goals and objectives for a lesson based on textbook material

In this video you will:

  • learn about summative and formative assessment
  • understand how to use different kinds of rubrics
  • learn advantages and disadvantages to different types of assessment