Whistleblower Report Hotline

Misconduct Report Hotline

Based on the stipulations in PRP, the University has set Misconduct Report Hotline as an external contact point. Anyone who found suspected misconduct may report to this hotline by phone call or email.

Contact Personnel: Lawyer Yuki Nakamura (Nerima Ekimae Law Office)
E-mail: oisthotline★outlook.jp (Effective from August 9, 2023)

 *Please change ★ to @ when you send e-mail.

Whitsleblower Report(PDF)    Whitsleblower Report(Word)

Since the Hotline may not immediately be available to answer the call, voice mail is provided, and , if the message is recorded, the Hotline will call back, in general, within 2 working days of the call.