Shohei Suzuki Research Safety Fund

We are privileged to be working in research, where rapid advances in knowledge and technology are produced in an atmosphere of excitement and sometimes competition. As scientific experiments inevitably involve many risk factors, the University is committed to creating a safety culture to ensure that scientific advances will be achieved in a safe and high-quality research environment. To promote this safety culture, we have established the Shohei Suzuki Research Safety Fund, in memory of Dr. Shohei Suzuki, a dear colleague of us whose dedication to marine research will always be remembered by the whole OIST community.


The Fund is established in memory of our colleague Dr. Shohei Suzuki. The purpose is to promote research safety awareness and training at OIST and enable students and junior researchers or technicians from OIST to undertake fieldwork while developing the necessary skills including research safety training.

Use of donation

The fund will be used for safety education and training of researchers and for safety equipment.

Donation period

The fund has started accepting the donation from November 30, 2017.

How to Donate

Donate to the Shohei Suzuki Research Safety Fund from the OIST Donation Form.

Other information

Rules on Shohei Suzuki Research Safety Fund (鈴木祥平研究安全基金規則)

Activities of the Fund