Giving to OIST: Why

Give today. Support science for a better future.

Here are four reasons why your gift to OIST matters:


1. OIST was initiated with an act of the Japanese Legislature in 2009 and receives subsidies from the Japanese government. Why are philanthropic gifts to OIST important?

OIST was founded with a new vision for science research and education in Japan that is cross-disciplinary, globally minded, diverse, and with a commitment to connect science with society. To achieve this wonderful vision, we seek partnerships locally and globally. As OIST and our reach have grown, financial needs also increase to fund growing opportunities. OIST is a private school corporation certified as "specified public interest promotion organization". Philanthropic gifts from individuals, corporations, and foundations are critical for OIST to achieve transformational societal impact.


2. OIST’s vision seems very grand and scientific research requires huge amount of funding. How could my personal contribution, comparatively small in monetary terms, make any difference?

All long journeys are completed by taking steps one by one.

To achieve OIST’s vision, we carry on a wide range of individual projects, from specific research to scientific collaborations, from tech transfer to sustainable development goals, from international education to community outreach. Each project has a specific set of goals and activities. Donations of any size will be able to help these projects be successful. You may learn more about some of these individual projects on this site. You may choose to designate your gift to a specific project or a thematic area, or to make it unrestrictive to support the general development of the University. We ensure that your gift will be used where you designated and toward the vision we share together.


3. OIST is very young and in a geographically remote location (Okinawa island). Am I making the right philanthropic investment that will lead to substantial and long-lasting positive social impact?

Yes, you are making the right philanthropic investment.

Although OIST is young, in only eight years since our inauguration, OIST achieved a top global ranking – 9th in the world – per a normalized analysis of Nature Index, the database of research articles compiled by the publisher of Nature and other prestigious scientific journals (Nature Index 2020).

You may learn more about OIST’s long-term commitment to scientific research excellence and to becoming a catalyst for social innovation through science from the OIST Strategic Plan 2020-2030.


4. Again, OIST is in Okinawa. How could you make impact beyond your island?

OIST is committed to both our own community in Okinawa, Japan, and the global society. We are rooted in the local Okinawan culture and history. We are also integrated with the global scientific community since birth. More than half of OIST faculty and students are recruited internationally through highly competitive processes. Our scientists contribute to world-leading scientific journals. Our alumni, including PhD graduates, postdoc researchers, and former OIST community members, will go to live and work all over the world, blending the unique island experience of Okinawa with multicultural global perspectives. Your philanthropic gift allows OIST’s scientists with diverse world experiences drive positive changes both locally and globally, through science, education, outreach, and innovation.