The Science of Mindfulness


Friday, April 1, 2016 - 11:00 to 12:30


Seminar Rm B250 (Centre Building)


As part of the Wellbeing Matters series the Ganjuu Team have invited Dr Richard Chambers, Clinical Psychologist and Mindfulness Consultant at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia to give a presentation entitled: The Science of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is being fully engaged and present in each moment of our lives. A rapidly growing body of research show that practicing and applying mindfulness techniques leads to improved wellbeing, better work performance and improved relationships. This 90 minute keynote will introduce the science and practice of mindfulness. It will centre around how mindfulness helps us focus our attention and the benefits this has for participants' professional and personal lives, including:

  • Stress reduction
  • Mental health and resilience
  • Better performance (unitasking and dealing with distractions)
  • Intelligent use of technology
  • Improving communication and empathy
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership

The audiance will gain a clear understanding of what mindfulness is, why it matters and learn a range of exercises and applications, that they can immediately apply to benefit them in their personal and professional lives. The keynote covers the research and brain science behind the benefits of mindfulness. Dr Chambers is an internationally recognised expert on Mindfulness and is co-author of the books, Mindful Learning and Mindful Relationships as well as a number of journal articles.

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The presentation will be in English and is open to the whole OIST community. There will be an opportunity to ask questions after the talk.


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