NEW Biofeedback equipment to support relaxation and stress reduction

We now have biofeedback equipment available, which measures and helps you to train your Heart Rate Variability into a pattern which supports relaxation and wellbeing.

If anyone is interested in trying out a biofeedback session, or would like to find out more, then please contact any of the staff at the Ganjuu Wellbeing service.

Looking after the wellbeing of your team

Taking care of the wellbeing of your team – open to managers, supervisors and leaders of any teams

Understand why wellbeing is an essential component in good team performance and communication. Consider leadership actions which can support or which can reduce the wellbeing of your team members, and affect team performance. How to respond to wellbeing issues within your team. Supports and resources available at OIST to promote wellbeing-informed leadership. . (English only)

Wellbeing Teatime

On November 24th 2016, OIST PhD students, Sebastien LaPointe and Tsung-Han Hsieh organised a Wellbeing Teatime, as a professional development project, giving members of the OIST community a chance to reflect upon wellbeing and think about ways to support wellbeing.

Representatives from OIST clubs came along to demonstrate ways we can support wellbeing by connecting with others, being active or learning. Student Peer Supporters were present to let people know more about their role in supporting students.

The Perils of Perfectionism

The Perils of Perfectionism by Prof. Roz Shafran, University College London, UK

Wednesday 7th December 2016 5pm - 6.30pm, Room C209 Centre Building

Open to the whole OIST Community: Please register by following the link


The Perils of Perfectionism

Do you want to be an excellent public speaker?

The University of Washington, in association with Coursera are offering a series of four courses aiming to provide you with the instruction, experience, and practice to develop and deliver compelling presentations.

The first course, Fundamentals of Public Speaking starts on November 28th. You can enroll now on The course can be taken for free if you tick the 'audit' box.

Paying Attention to what makes a difference: An introduction to the skills of emotional intelligence for scientists

Introductory workshop on the skills of emotional intelligence for Scientists

Successfail lunchtime group

Relating to success and failure

In an academic environment stories of success and failure can dominate, but sometimes we do not subject these stories to the same critical analysis that we would our research.
If you have ever found that the prospect or experience of failure has had a disproportionate effect on your performance, hopes or enjoyment then join us to find ways of relating to these ideas that work best for you and share your learning with others!

Developing Cultural Intelligence for Leadership/ Discussion group

Developing Cultural Intelligence for Leadership Online Course supported by a weekly discussion group

The discussion group will be held on the following days.

November 17th, 24th, December 1st and 8th from 16:15 to 17:15 at conference center meeting room #4.

Happiness and Fulfillment FREE online course and Discussion group with Ganjuu

A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment FREE online course starts 21st January Discussion Group starts 22nd January - SIGN UP NOW

Is Happiness important to you?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the things we think will make us happy don't?

Improving Sleep - Please Register Initial Interest

Invited Speaker, Professor Jason Ellis, Director of Sleep Research, Northumbria University, UK.

Sleep is something we often take for granted, until we start to have trouble sleeping. Whether short-term or chronic, sleep difficulties can have profound consequences on health, wellbeing, relationships, productivity and creativity. Although it can sometimes feel we are powerless against times of sleeplessness, there are some straightforward things we can do to create better sleep, without the need for medication.

Sharing your thoughts about Wellbeing

Thanks to everyone who attended the Ganjuu Wellbeing service Open house event on 11th December 2015 and shared their ideas about keeping well and happy. We had great ideas on a number of themes:

A Month of Mindfulness

A Month of Mindfulness

Starting on Thursday 1st October for 31 days, one free online event per day, accessible for 24 hours from leading international Mindfulness experts and Practitioners, including John Kabat-Zinn, Saki Santorelli, Professor Paul Gilbert, Professor Mark Williams, Dr Susan Albers, Russ Harris and many more.

Women in Leadership - Inspiring Positive Change. 5-week online course with weekly group at OIST.

Women in Leadership - Inspiring Positive Change FREE online course supported by discussion group at OIST

Do you ever find yourself signing up to things with great intentions, and then finding it hard to sustain your motivation or commitment....?

A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment

A Life of Happiness and Fulfillment FREE online course starts 15th June 2015

Is Happiness important to you?

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the things we think will make us happy don't?

Do you find that success is not always fulfulling on its own?