Tadashi Yamamoto


BSc PhD (Osaka University)




  • Incentive Award from the Japanese Cancer Association ​(​1​9​8​4​)
  • Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund Prize (​1​9​8​7)
  • 1989 Asahi Prize (from Asahi Press)​ ​(​1​9​9​0)
  • Awarded Research Grant from Princess Takamatsu Cancer Research Fund (2003)
  • Fogarty Scholar-in-Residence of National Institutes of Health, USA (2003)
  • Tomizo Yoshida Award from the Japanese Cancer Association (2014)

Research Career

  • Visiting Scientist, National Cancer Institute, NIH, USA   (9/1977-2/1981)
  • Assistant Professor, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo (9/1980-4/1986)
  • Associate Professor, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo (4/1986-11/1991)
  • Professor, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo (11/1991-3/2012)
  • Director, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo   (4/2003-3/2007)
  • Council member, The University of Tokyo (4/2003-3/2007)
  • Member, Science Council of Japan  (10/2006-9/2011)
  • Chairman, Department of Cancer Biology, The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo(4/2007-3/2011)
  • Professor, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (4/2012-present)
  • Director, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences(10/2015-present)
  • Team Leader,RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences(4/2016-present)

Selected Publications

  • Morita M, Oike Y, Nagashima T, Kadomatsu T, Tabata M, Suzuki T, Nakamura T, Yoshida N, Okada M, and Yamamoto T, Obesity resistance and increased hepatic expression of catabolism-related mRNAs in Cnot3+/- mice. EMBO J 30: 4678-4691, 2011
  • Ohsugi M, Adachi K, Horai R, Kakuta S, Sudo K, Kotaki H, Tokai-Nishizumi N, Sagara H, Iwakura Y, and Yamamoto T. Kid-mediated chromosome compaction ensures proper nuclear envelop formation. Cell 132: 771-782, 2008
  • Oshimori N, Ohsugi M and Yamamoto T. Kizuna, a new PLK1 target, stabilizes mitotic centrosomes to ensure spindle bipolarity. Nature Cell Biol 8:1095-1101, 2006
  • Nakamura T, Yao R, Ogawa T, Suzuki T, Ito C, Tsunekawa N, Inoue K, Ajima R, Miyasaka T, Yoshida Y, Ogura A, Toshimori K, Noce T, Yamamoto T and Noda T, Oligo-astheno-teratozoospermia in mice lacking Cnot7, a regulator of retinoid X receptor beta, Nature Genetics 36: 528-533, 2004
  • Yoshida Y, Nakamura T, Komoda M, Satoh H, Suzuki T, Kawamura-Tsuzuku J, Miyasaka T, Yoshida EH, Umemori H, Kunisaki RK, Tani K, Ishii S, Mori S, Suganuma M, Noda T, and Yamamoto T, Mice lacking a transcriptional corepressor Tob are predisposed to cancer, Genes & Dev. 17: 1201-1206, 2003
  • Suzuki T, Kawamura-Tsuzuku J, Ajima R, Nakamura T, Yoshida Y, and Yamamoto T, Phosphorylation of three regulatory serines of Tob by Erk1 and Erk2 is required for Ras-mediated cell proliferation and transformation Genes & Dev 16: 1357-1370, 2002
  • Yoshida Y, Tanaka S, Umemori H, Minowa O, Usui M, Ikematsu N, Hosoda E, Imamura T, Kuno J, Yamashita T, Miyazono K, Noda T, Noda M, and Yamamoto T. Negative regulation of BMP/Smad signaling by Tob in osteoblasts. Cell 103: 1085-1097, 2000
  • Hayashi T, Umemori H, Mishina M and Yamamoto T, The AMPA receptor interacts with and signals through the protein tyrosine kinase Lyn, Nature 397: 72-76, 1999
  • Umemori H, Inoue T, Kume S, Sekiyama N, Nagao M, Itoh H, Nakanishi S, Mikoshiba K and Yamamoto T. Activation of the G protein Gq/11 through tyrosine phosphorylation of the a subunit. Science 276:1878-1881, 1997
  • Nishizumi H, Taniuchi I, Yamanashi Y, Kitamura D, Ilic D, Mori S, Watanabe T and Yamamoto T, Impaired proliferation of peripheral B cells and indication of autoimmune disease in lyn-deficient mice. Immunity 3: 549-560, 1995
  • Ilic D, Furuta Y, Kanazawa S, Takeda N, Sobue K, Nakatsuji N, Nomura S, Fujimoto J, Ikawa Y, Okada M, Yamamoto T, and Aizawa S, Reduced cell motility and enhanced focal adhesion contact formation in cells from FAK-deficient mice. Nature 377: 539-544, 1995
  • Umemori H, Sato S, Yagi T, Aizawa S, and Yamamoto T, Initial events of myelination involve Fyn tyrosine kinase signaling. Nature 367: 572-576, 1994
  • Yamanashi Y, Kakiuchi T, Mizuguchi J, Yamamoto T and Toyoshima K, Associations of B cell antigen receptor and protein-tyrosine kinase p56lyn. Science 251: 192-194, 1991
  • Miyajima N, Horiuchi R, Shibuya Y, Fukushige S, Matsubara K, Toyoshima K, and Yamamoto T, Two erbA homologs encoding proteins with different T3- binding capacities are transcribed from the opposite strands of the same genetics locus. Cell 57: 31-39, 1989
  • Akiyama T, Sudo C, Ogawara H, Toyoshima K and Yamamoto T, The product of the human c-erbB-2 gene ; A 185,000 dalton glycoprotein associated with tyrosine kinase activity. Science 232: 1644-1646, 1986
  • Yamamoto T, Ikawa S, Akiyama T, Semba K, Nomura N, Miyajima N, Saito T, and Toyoshima K, Similarity of protein encoded by the human c-erbB-2 gene to epidermal growth factor receptor. Nature 319: 230-234, 1986
  • Semba K, Yamanashi Y, Nishizawa M, Sukegawa J, Yoshida M, Sasaki M, Yamamoto T, Toyoshima K. Location of the c-yes gene on the human chromosome and its expression in various tissues. Science 227:1038-1040, 1985
  • Merlino GT, Xu Y-H, Ishii S, Clark AJL, Semba K, Toyoshima K, Yamamoto T and Pastan I, Amplification and enhanced expression of the epidermal growth factor receptor gene in A431 human carcinoma cells. Science 224: 417-419, 1984
  • Yamamoto T, Nishida T, Miyajima N, Kawai S, Ooi T, and Toyoshima K, The erbB gene of avian erythroblastosis virus is a member of the src gene family. Cell 35: 71-78, 1983
  • Yamamoto T, Hihara H, Nishida T, Kawai S, and Toyoshima K, A new avian erythroblastosis virus, AEV-H, carries erbB gene responsible for the induction of both erythroblastosis and sarcomas. Cell 34: 225-232, 1983
  • Yamamoto T, de Crombrugghe B and Pastan I, Identification of a functional promoter in the long terminal repeat of Rous sarcoma virus. Cell 22: 787-797, 1980

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