Seminar: "Global change and the stability of ecosystems" by Prof. Ian Donohue, Trinity College Dublin


Wednesday, February 28, 2018 - 11:00 to 12:00


Seminar Room C209, Center Building


Title: “Global change and the stability of ecosystems” by Prof. Ian Donohue, Trinity College Dublin


Hosted by: Sam Ross and Prof. Evan Economo (Economo Unit)


Brief abstract: Ecologists have taken an inconsistent and one-dimensional approach to both disturbances and stability. This has led to ill-defined environmental policies with unmeasurable targets. I will describe what we know about ecological stability and discuss solutions for how we can reduce the disconnect between ecology and policy and how best to incorporate the multidimensional complexity of natural responses to environmental change into environmental research, policies and actions.


Brief background: Ian Donohue is an associate professor in the School of Natural Sciences at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He is community ecologist who uses experimental approaches to answer questions about the factors that regulate the structure, stability and functioning of biological networks. The overarching aim of Ian’s research is to further our understanding of how key elements of global change alter the functioning and stability of ecosystems. 

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