The Technology Licensing Process

The TLS works with indivuals with a broad variety of backgrounds, including, inventors, the Business Development Section (BDS), the Grants and Research Collaborations Section (GRCS), academic collaborator organizations, external funding bodies, such as the JST, patent attorneys, technical marketing companies, private companies (collaborators and potential licensees), and consultants during the process of licensing. After a patent has been obtained marketing, matching, and licensing may be repeated or iterated to, for example, license a technology to multiple entities.

Further details of each step are provided below.


  1. Invention as a result of OIST research


  1. Invention is disclosed to TLS by inventor(s)
  2. Optional consultation with patent lawyer/agent


  1. Prior-art search
  2. Inventors brief external patent lawyer/agent
  3. Evaluation by Invention Evaluation Committee


  1. Patent specification drafting
  2. Patent application
  3. Patent prosecution
  4. Patent aquistion
  5. Patent maintenace


  1. Creation of marketing materials
  2. Identifying and contacting potential licensees
  3. Execting NDAs with potential licensees


  1. Negotitating the framework and conditions
  2. Starting partnership with MTA or JRA
  3. Entering into a licensing agreement


  1. Maintenance and monitoring