Intro to Entrepreneurship Training Program

Program Summary

This introductory session in innovation and entrepreneurship will introduce participants to the concepts and principles of Lean Startup, Business Model components, Customer Development, and Evidence-based Entrepreneurship. The class will be suited for a wide range of students and researchers with an interest in learning more about technology commercialization and entrepreneurial opportunities at OIST and beyond.

Program Details

This program will be conducted in a virtual format (Zoom).

Date/Time: The Intro Course consists of 2 sessions. 

*Both the Intro course participants and the Fall 2020 Lean Startup Entrepreneurial Training Program participants will join the following 2 sessions.

     Sep 12 (Sat) 9:00-11:30

     Sep 13 (Sun) 9:00-11:30

Language: English

Seats Available: 20

Participants: Students, researchers, and administrative staff

Participants will receive a certificate at the end of the program.












Applications Closed


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Sponsored by the Business Development Section & Technology Development and Innovation Center

Co-sponsored by the Faculty Affairs Office (Postdoctoral Career Development Advice (PCDA) & the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School