Sequencing Section (SQC)


The mission of SQC is ​to promote advances in Science ​by providing the latest and most advanced Technologies ​and to lead OIST research ​best in the world.​​


We offer OIST researchers sequencing service in a wide range of sequencing applications on different sequencing platforms. We provide support for project planning, DNA/RNA extraction, library preparation and sequencing. We also provide HMW gDNA QC service for long-read NGS DNA.
Currently, we are housing the following sequencer: Illumina NovaSeqⅩPlus, Illumina NextSeq1000, Illumina MiSeq, Pacbio Revio, Oxford Nanopore MinION, and Oxford Nanopore PromethION. For Illumina, we also accept sequencing-only requests. Please see “Sequencing Platforms and Application” for more information.

If you are a former user of SQC services, here are the links to request forms, cost calculator, sequencing schedule, sample requirements and payment method.
If you are new to SQC sequencing service, please check out our workflow.
If you are new to advanced sequencing technologies, please check the beginner’s guide before you start.

SQC also manage capillary sequencers, real-time PCR, etc. for common use. Please see common equipment support for more information.


We would appreciate it if all work performed in OIST SQC is acknowledged in scholarly reports, presentations, posters, papers, and all other publications. We believe that proper acknowledgment provides one kind of visible measurement of our contributions and is thus essential for our continued funding.

Please contact us for your publication with a link if it includes data generated in SQC.

Please check the Core facilities attribution policy below for more information on the acknowledgement format. Our official section name is "Sequencing Section".

Core facilities attribution policy


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Sequencing service is internal only.

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Lab location:  Lab 1, level B, B379
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