Sequencing Section (SQC)



The mission of the section is ​to promote advances in Science ​by providing the latest and most advanced Technologies ​and to lead OIST research ​best in the world.​


We offer OIST researchers Sequencing services in a wide range of sequencing applications including de novo genome sequencing, re-sequencing, RNA sequencing, ChIP-sequencing, etc. Please see the "Service List" page for more information.

Currently, we house the following sequencers: Illumina NovaSeq6000, Illumina MiSeq, PacBio Sequel IIe, Oxford Nanopore MinION, and Oxford Nanopore PromethION. Please see the "Sequencing Platforms" page for more information.

We help researchers with their project planning, library preparation, and sequencing.

We also manage capillary sequencers, real-time PCR, etc. for common use. Please see "Common Equipment" page for the equipment list and the rules regarding use.

Sequencing Schedule

In principle, we will proceed in the order of Request IDs on a first-come-first-served basis. Sequencing-only requests are completed earlier than the other request IDs, and this may cause the IDs to be back and forth. (Sequencing-only requests are marked ★ on the calendar.) And, we will sort the same applications with close request IDs and proceed all at once, there may be times when data is submitted back and forth.