The three-body problem from Newton to gravitational waves


Monday, September 14, 2020 - 13:30 to 15:30


Lab4 E01


Title: The three-body problem from Newton to gravitational waves

Speaker: Dr. Alessandro Alberto Trani


The gravitational few-body problem is one of the oldest conundrums in astronomy and classical mechanics. Yet, its simplest instance, the three-body problem, has no general analytical solution and only a partial statistical solution has been achieved so far. With the birth of gravitational wave astronomy and the rise in exoplanet discoveries, the three-body problem is again becoming central to explaining astrophysical phenomena.
I will first describe our recent efforts in deriving a complete statistical solution to the non-hierarchical, chaotic three-body problem. I will then review the status of gravitational wave detections and our current understanding of their origin, and show how three-body interactions play a key role in several formation pathways of gravitational wave events. 
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