Research seminar talks


Aritra's zoom talk at the Indian Strings Meeting 2021 (12-17 December 2021):



Mirian's talk for the Higher Spin Gravity Online Club   (03/11/2020):
Higher Spin Interactions: From Classical to Quantum

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Sudip's talk at Recent Developments in S-Matrix Theory, ICTS-TIFR, Zoom Conference (28/07/2020): "MHV Graviton Scattering Amplitudes & Current Algebra on the Celestial Sphere"

Slides   Video (via ICTS-TIFR Youtube Channel)

Mirian's talk for the String Phenomenology, the University of Liverpool,  group meeting (16/06/2020): Calculation of gauge thresholds in heterotic compactifications

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Mirian's talk at JINR, (02/06/2020), Zoom: Supersymmetric reducible higher-spin multiplets in various dimensions

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A seminar talk by Yasha on the imaginary part of the gravitational action & the black hole entropy formula. Perimeter Institute, 2013.

Video via Perimeter's online archive (PIRSA)