Why is the sky blue?

Lab 4, D01 "restaurant"

A physics lecture for non-physicists. Title: Why is the sky blue? Speaker: Yasha Neiman.


Integrability, Deformations and Chaos

2023-07-25 to 2023-07-27
OIST Seaside House, OIST Lab 4

In the last few decades, the notion of Integrable systems and Chaos, both classical and quantum, have seen immense developments. Fuelled by a flurry of scientific inter-community dialogues, these ideas have turned out to be universally useful in a wide spectrum of theoretical studies, from worldsheet string sigma models, to black holes and holography, and further into real experimental systems. Numerous interesting connections between these seemingly disparate research areas are developing, promising to shed light on important open questions. We hope to further fuel these dialogues by inviting people from different fields using state-of-the-art tools to explore these exciting ideas.