Theoretical Physics Seminar: Yasha Neiman


Friday, August 6, 2021 - 14:00


Lab 4, F01


This is the 35th biweekly session of the OIST Theoretical Physics Seminar.
In this seminar series, we pretend to have a theoretical physics department, and tell each other informal stories over drinks and snacks.
Except no drinks and snacks, because COVID.

Speaker: Yasha Neiman (Quantum Gravity).
Title: "The gyromagnetic ratio in precision science: from the Dirac Equation to the movement of continents".

This is a talk about the gyromagnetic ratio g: the ratio between magnetic moment and angular momentum.
I'll try to cover:
1. The classical derivation of g for orbiting charges.
2. The electron's g from the Dirac equation: a wondrous interplay of Relativity and Supersymmetry.
3. Corrections to the electron's and muon's g: the most precise prediction in all of science, and the most promising experimental anomaly in particle physics.
4. How the Earth's g turns continental drift into a precise science!
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