Quantum Gravity unit visitor seminar: Higher Spin Gravity II: Holographic Entanglement


Wednesday, October 18, 2023 - 14:00


L4 F01


Visitor seminar hosted by Quantum Gravity Unit

Speaker: Prof. Per Sundell, Andres Bello Natl. U.

Title: Higher Spin Gravity II: Holographic Entanglement

Abstract: We show how the formulation of higher spin gravity of Talk I yields vacuum states in which defects are entangled by means of geometric, overlap conditions derived from first principles. In particular, the entanglement of defects containing higher spin gravity fields and defects containing conformal matter coupled to conformal higher spin gravity fields is captured by vacuum states giving rise to a holographic correspondence that refines Vasliev's 2012 proposal by the inclusion of color gauge fields on the conformal side.


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