QG group meeting: David O'Connell


Wednesday, May 1, 2024 - 14:00


Lab 4, F01


QG group meeting.
Speaker: David O'Connell.
Title: "Quantum Fields on non-Hausdorff Backgrounds".

In this talk I’ll update you all on my current research project, which revolves around the problem of defining QFTs on a non-Hausdorff spacetime. For the majority of the talk we will focus on two main formalisms, namely (i) “locally-covariant QFT” which phrases QFTs on globally-hyperbolic (Hausdorff) spacetimes in terms of some category theory, and (ii) the “adjunction formalism” of non-Hausdorff differential geometry. After everything is appropriately introduced, we will see that these formalisms seem to naturally cohere: the construction of non-Hausdorff spacetimes may be paraphrased within the language of category theory, and this appears to mix nicely with the LCQFT formalism. Once the audience is convinced that this is a sufficiently cool thing to think about, I will then finish the talk with some ideas surrounding the completion of this project.  

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