Faculty lunchtime seminar: Eugene Kroll


Tuesday, October 19, 2021 - 12:10


Lab 4, E48


Faculty Lunctime Seminar.
Speaker: Eugene Kroll (STG).
Title: "Knocking Out Cancer's Sweet Tooth".

If you want to learn:
How brilliantly prescient yet utterly wrong a Nobel Prize winner could be, 
Why Michael Phelps need not worry about a speed competition with fish,
Why would ocean-going mammals never re-evolve gills,
Why it is so hard to eradicate vermin that it is often easier to eradicate the building they occupy
Why eating or not eating carbs (by itself) makes little difference (hint: look at the penguin)
How a crusty Cold War strategy (stemming from an obscure Jules Verne novel) may work in biology
And, importantly, what do these exciting revelations have to do with curing cancer?
Then come to the seminar to be duly, in Dr. Neiman’s exact words, “regaled.”
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