Workshop: "Developing Your Leadership Skills as a Researcher"


Wednesday, December 13, 2017 - 09:00 to 11:00


B503 - Ctr Bldg


Target Audience: OIST Community

Session format: Interactive workshop (50 seats)

Speaker: Dr Kerstin Fritsches, Managing Director and Head Trainer of PostdocTraining, Australia​

Short Description: 

Leadership is an important part of your role as an early career researcher, whether you are officially ‘the boss’ or are currently working as a team member. So what are the skills, characteristics and behaviours that make a great leader - and how do you overcome leadership challenges? 

Learning objectives: 

    By the end of this session you will ...

  • learn how to lead effectively by understanding your strengths and weaknesses
  • understand how to develop leader's mindset and improve your leadership skills
  • acquire new ideas and practical tools to help you improve continuously as a leader 

NO REGISTRATION is required!

About the Speaker:

Dr. Kerstin Fritsches is a former research fellow with first-hand experience of the challenges facing early career researchers and a strong track record in postdoc affairs and career development. A lack of effective career training for PhDs led Kerstin to found PostdocTraining in 2011, to bridge a gap in professional development by delivering support tailored specifically for PhD students and postdocs. 

PostdocTraining delivers career development support and mentoring for researchers worldwide and Kerstin has become a sought-after workshop facilitator on topics such as career planning and research leadership in both Europe and Australia.


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