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Career center (C-Hub) is a centralized and well-coordinated section that provides PD training and individual career support for everyone at OIST. Using best practices worldwide, it delivers evidence-based courses tailored to OIST population.

C-Hub staff collaborate across campus and consolidated resources to reach the most impact and offer project, time, resource and personnel management skills for faculty, research and administrative staff to enhance operational and management effectiveness.

To achieve the “OIST Central Concepts” by creating an enhanced environment for OIST community, the Career center ( C-Hub) offers personal and professional development programs.  These career development programs include a range of workshops, events, seminars and one-to-one advisory support.

The conceptual framework.


We aspire to create a common diverse culture of engagement, acknowledge individual excellence, and support the drive for personal growth for all OIST staff members independent of their career stages and job descriptions.

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