【Seminar】Diamond MEMS: from fundamentals to sensing applications


Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 16:00 to 17:00


Lab4, F01 (Hybrid)



Dr. Meiyong LIAO, a Chief Researcher at National Institute for Material Science


Diamond is one of the most promising materials for fabricating reliable, high-performance microelectro-mechanical systems (MEMS). This is because of the remarkable properties of diamond. Diamond has the highest Young’s modulus known to man, has an ultra-wide bandgap (5.4 eV), and is resilient against chemicals and radiation. The high Young’s modulus allows the fabrication of high-frequency MEMS, and due to low mechanical losses, ultra-high quality factors desired for sensing applications can be obtained. In addition, the deep energy levels of impurities in diamond enable applications of temperatures over 500°C. In this seminar, Dr. Liao will report on single-crystal diamond (SCD) MEMS with ultra-high quality factors (> 106) fabricated using the smart-cut method that he developed. Then, he will report on robust and high-performance all-electrical on-chip SCD MEMS by introducing a transduction scheme called self-sensing enhancing actuation with integrated actuation and sensing. In the last part of the seminar, he will discuss results obtained for high-temperature magnetic sensing with SCD MEMS.


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